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Yacht insurance throughout the United States.

Spending time on your yacht is a luxurious, relaxing pastime.  However, the risks associated with yacht ownership can put a damper on your downtime if you are not fully protected. Our marine insurance advisors will review your risks and help you decide on coverage that keeps your investment afloat.

There is more to insuring your yacht than you might realize, but a good insurance risk consultant can help you find the policy that’s right for you.  Did you know that yacht policies may cover engine mechanical breakdown? Our premier yacht policies do cover sudden and accidental mechanical breakdown occurrences while many companies do not.

Premier yacht policies also cover wreck removal coverage up to the full limit of liability coverage shown on the policy.  Some policies limit the coverage to 5% of the hull amount. Clean-up and pollution mitigation costs can be expensive. The difference could mean thousands of dollars out of pocket cost if your vessel is not properly insured.

Liability is also a key part of yacht insurance. Make sure your family is covered for injury.  Our premier yacht policies cover your family while many companies only cover your guests.

Understanding marine vessel warranties is critical.  A warranty includes the strongest and most important language in an insurance policy and if a warranty is breached, there is no coverage.

To make sure you get the right yacht insurance, contact us today for more details.

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